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Chocoholic heaven at The Living Room Jewelry Bar


When I Michiel and I decided to go for a chocolate and pastry tasting in the Park Hotel on Saturday night, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. There, in front of me stood a bar, but not just any bar – this one was full of beautiful handmade chocolates, truffles and macaroons. It was so easy to see why they had called it a Jewelry bar.

Of course you can get overly excited looking at all of the different flavours including green tea, rum and raisin, and passionfruit, and so of course I demanded that Michiel get me a box (unconventional I know, but I really wanted these chocolates!) I decided to get a medium box which gave you nine chocolates and four macaroons and I think I managed to get all of the flavours that I was interested in and a few for Michiel, after all – he was paying!

The verdict was that they were absolutely delicious. My favourite was definitely the green tea, and also the passionfruit flavour. There were so many to pick from and they all looked so pretty with their printed designs on them. I resisted eating them for a whole day because they were so pretty, but that didn’t last for long (and sadly, neither did the chocolates and macaroons). This is definitely a good place to buy yourself, or someone special some seriously good choc!

The pastry chefs from MOMO Restaurant make these chocolates and Macaroons, and the best thing is that the bar is here to stay.  Thankfully it wasn’t just a one night special (because I want to go back and get more!). Prices are reasonable for handmade chocolates with prices starting at around €1.50 -€2 for an individual chocolate, and the most expensive box is €40 for 27 pieces. The medium box costs only €20

For more information about the Jewelry bar please see the ParkHotel website here




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