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Mik Le Chef eco correct cooking workshop Amsterdam


The Mik Le Chef eco cooking workshop was exactly what I was looking for. Since moving, Michiel has been much more interested in cooking a good meal (that may, or may not have to do with the fact that we now have an oven that works, and isn’t a fire risk) so I decided to buy it for him from groupon, in the hope it would inspire both of us to eat better.

The location is a little difficult to find – it is at Nieuwe Meer, and by public transport, we struggled to find the right place. It involved crossing a tiny bridge which looked like it was a private bridge, and wandering around for a bit. We weren’t the only ones, as it turned out a few people were a little later than anticipated, which made us feel a little better.

When we arrived we were greeted with a glass of prosecco, and then Mik told us a little about his ethos in the kitchen. A lot of the ingredients we were using were locally sourced (some so local that you could go outside and pick it!), and then it was down to business.

I had hoped that maybe we would be able to do all three courses, but instead we were asked to pick a part of the menu to cook.

The menu was:

Pumpkin soup with orange and ginger seved with home-made bread

Sauerkraut salad with honey, orange and speculaas herbs with grilled mullet, beluga lentils, and a light wasabi mayonnaise

Saffron risotto with sausages (goose, from Schipol!), mushrooms, peas, and broad beans served with a ham and cheese crisp.

Banana and rum raisin tart with coconut ice cream.

Michiel and I chose the bread (though I may have had more to do with the decision than he did), and on hindsight it probably wasn’t the best idea – waiting for bread to rise twice is no fun when everyone else is cooking. Here are some pictures of our delicious bread.

When we started it was organised chaos. We had a list of ingredients and no instructions, and immediately everyone wanted to ask Mik what they should do next. For us it was fairly simple, because bread is not that complicated – but we weren’t sure at what point we should be doing what, so we had to call on him a few times for help. ¬†This is what was happening while we were waiting for our bread to rise:

We paid for a package including drinks – it included the welcome drink and three drinks during the dinner itself. In between it was a case of getting Mik’s attention and then once you had chosen, serving yourself. The drinks were reasonable at EUR 7 for a carafe of wine and EUR 5 per glass.

When dinner was ready on all fronts, Mik did a rotation with people dishing up, others serving, and others clearing away once everyone was finished. It worked really well, and the end result was delicious.

We managed to get our workshop on groupon (I won’t reveal how much because it was a present for Michiel), but it was really great value and definitely worth it. Normally this workshop costs EUR 49 including a prosecco, coffee, tea and juices.The wine arrangement costs an extra EUR 15. For more information check out Mik Le Chef


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