Amsterdam through British eyes

The best laid plans in Amsterdam… #blubloggers


Sometimes, someone visits from out of town. You expect to take them on some dazzling tour of Amsterdam but you make a massive faux pas and end up somewhere that is normally open during the week but it’s a Sunday and this particular place is closed. Of course, if you had only done your research beforehand, you wouldn’t be in this mess.

This happened to me, and it was mildly embarrassing. Considering that most places in the centre of Amsterdam are open on a Sunday, I really wasn’t expecting this to happen. Cue Carolyn coming to visit, from AblaCarolyn (a French blog about Cannes). She is also a Radisson Blu ambassador, and she was visiting Amsterdam this weekend. I was there on Sunday to show her around.

Firstly, I thought we would go to the 9 streets for some shopping. Almost every store on the 9 streets was closed, apart from the restaurants and cafes. We walked around for about 15 minutes before I decided that we needed to go for a coffee (so I could come up with a new plan). We went to Traiterie Chef, (Raamsteeg 5) which I have just found out has a teapot museum upstairs! If only I had known. Instead, we sat downstairs, and I had a delicious slice of carrot cake which was EUR 3,50. In total we spent 9 Euro on a coffee, mint tea and a piece of cake (not bad!)


I thought to salvage the situation we could go to Het Hoofdgerecht festival, but as it turns out we got there too early (only just), but there was nobody there, and the food trucks didn’t look ready to serve any food. It reminded me a little of the Rollende Keukens when it first started.


Since Carolyn was running out of time (she had a flight to catch), we decided instead to walk back to the centre and get some lunch there (in Cafe Kobalt), mostly because we were running out of time, and we were both hungry.

Not all was lost though, as we wandered a different way into the centre, we stumbled on an area full of houseboats, and there was even an adventure playground for children



By the time we had finished lunch, we just had enough time to get her back to her hotel, and on the way to the airport in time for her flight.

It’s a shame we didn’t have some  more time to explore Amsterdam together, but I am glad that not all was lost. When she returns, I will be taking her to the 9 lanes (as long as it’s a Saturday)!

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