Amsterdam through British eyes

Fuck it, I’m 30


Inspiration hasn’t exactly been knocking down my door of late, which is why I haven’t been posting on here very much.  I took a much-needed holiday for three weeks to America and came to the stark realisation that I need to get back to blogging.

I had a really special birthday – I turned 30 on the 4th July, and I was in America to celebrate. It was there that I remembered why I started this blog – I love to travel and share it with others (not only to let my friends and family know that I was doing ok).

I did some pretty crazy stuff while I was in the US – I learnt how to shoot a gun (with no insurance coverage), went on the world’s biggest waterslide, learnt how to gambol, and went whale watching. I basically maxed out my credit card doing stuff that I really loved.


My mantra while I was in the states was ‘fuck it, I’m 30’ which I think is an awesome attitude to have, so I decided to bring it back with me to Amsterdam. When I saw this post which is a bucket list of things to do in Amsterdam by my dear friend Elysia, I said ‘challenge accepted.’ I’m not really 100% sure about falling into a canal, or taking truffles but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I’ve already done about 13 or 14 of these, and I may repeat some of them again (Karaoke at The End anyone?), but for those things that are blog-worthy I will be posting about them here.

I will also be blogging about a lot of other stuff too  – I just wanted to write and say to you (and myself) that I promise I will be blogging more, and doing more awesome things in Amsterdam. I’ve missed you.




    I will turn 30 in a couple of days and have been trying to figure how i really feel about it?,, I just decided that I loooooove the mantra! and that is how i feel about it – “fuck it I’m 30 haha” its gonna be the absolute attitude for the next 10 years


    Wow, i just want to visit Amsterdam, for about 3 months. Including general areas..
    Why is it so hard to find rooms? Are hotels pricey or reasonable? Anyway thanks for any information.
    Have a great day!
    Michael ~_~
    Twitter : @blitzer850

    • I think right now it’s difficult because all of the students are trying to sort out their accommodation ready for September. It is also a really popular place to live. It depends on where you stay as to whether it’s pricey or reasonable. There is some temporary accommodation available that is cheaper per night than some of the more expensive hotels.

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