Amsterdam through British eyes

Meet the Amsterdam podcaster: Nate Tytor


Nate Tytor (pictured left) who is one half of the What’s Up Amsterdam podcast, joins me to answer my burning questions about Amsterdam, and expat life.

Tell me a little bit about your podcast: What’s Up Amsterdam is a weekly podcast that gives a day by day breakdown of the best events happening in the Amsterdam. I’m into comedy, metal, hip hop, punk and modern art and my co-host Jonathan covers cultural events, kid’s stuff, museums and festivals. There is no one covering the breadth of stuff we cover, in English, every week.

Tell me about your favourite musical venue: Where ever the band is great and they have enough bartenders, after that it can be in a squat or a church basement for all I care. To sum up; good music, plenty of booze.

What are your top 3 things to do in Amsterdam? Riding my motorcycle through the streets at 6:00am, the Ij Hallen Flea Market, taking the long way home on my bicycle.

Tell me about the next place you’re going to check out and why you’re interested: Me and my pals Danny the Swede and DTS are gonna go Go-Karting, I’m getting married next year and part of the wedding is a go kart tournament, so I need to practice.

Where is your secret spot in Amsterdam? Faking that I’m listening to headphones but instead eavesdropping on tourists on the tram.

Tell me a bit about your favourite bar: I tend not to go to bars. I hate the music, I hate the volume, I hate waiting for my next drink, I hate the filthy bathroom. Bars are for people who are trying to get laid. But if I had to pick, I’ll choose Soundgarden, it’s got a good patio and the pints are almost comically large.

What makes someone ingeburgered? Not getting out of the way.

Funny expat stories, I KNOW you have one. Spill! I was walking back from the hardware store with my arms full of painting supplies when I saw a toddler wander into the street in front of a car, the driver was looking for a house number. I dropped my paint, brushes and rollers, ran into the street and grabbed the kid, mere inches from the car. Shaking, I turned and asked “excuse me, whose kid is this?” The child’s mom, eating with a friend, oblivious to what had transpired calmly said, “he’s mine.” I’m the only one still having nightmares about that day.

Complete the sentence: Dutch music is… Oooonchy

Describe an awesome day in Amsterdam: Four hour boat ride, the sun is out and the water’s warm enough to jump into, steak dinner at Cafe Loetje and then either stand up comedy at Toomler or a punk rock show at Winston Kingdom.

What is your Amsterdam playlist? There’s a local promoter called Hell Yeah Bookings who always has GREAT bands so I check out whoever they’re bring in next, and of course The What’s Up Amsterdam podcast, sometimes I remind myself about something amazing.

If you had to leave Amsterdam tomorrow (you’re being evicted for having strange taste in music), what would you miss the most and why? What I love most about Amsterdam is that (unless you’re hurting someone else) you can do whatever you want, all the time. The cops don’t care if you make a left turn while running a red light, the residents don’t care if someone steals their bike, the scooter drivers don’t care about ANYTHING, but somehow it works better than almost any major city. When I first saw it, it seemed senseless, but now I can see it’s a ballet.

Check out, we live in a peaceful city fulled with madmen. The captain’s drunk, the sailors have control of the ship and while the sea is rough, all is well on our vessel.

I will hopefully be interviewing the second half of What’s up Amsterdam (Jonathan), in another post soon.



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