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Meet the blogger: Vicky Hampton, Amsterdam Foodie


Amsterdam is full of really great bloggers, so I thought it was about time I turned the spotlight on them for a change – the first is Vicky Hampton from Amsterdam Foodie. I first came across her blog when I arrived in Amsterdam nearly 3 years ago, and then I got to actually met her earlier this year when I went on an Eating Amsterdam food tour. This is what she had to say.

1:Tell me a little bit about your blog.

Amsterdam Foodie started off as a few personal food stories on MySpace back in 2006. From there, it migrated to AOL Blogs for a short while, and then I got my own URL in 2007. It’s now a fully-fledged restaurant resource and recommendations site rather than a personal blog – but it’s taken quite some years to get to that point!

2: What are your top 3 foodie things to do in Amsterdam?

I live near the Westerpark, so I find myself going to the NeighbourFood Market almost every time it’s on (the 3rd Sunday of the month); the quality of the food is so high these days, and it’s not nearly as expensive as a lot of Amsterdam’s various food festivals.

I also love checking out new foodie pop-ups: Hilary’s Pop-up Events (her cosmic chilli pop-up was – well – cosmic!) and Best Coast Taqueria (for their tacos) are two of my current favourites.

3: Tell me about your favourite restaurant and why you think other people should go there:

It’s always hard to pick just one favourite, but Worst Wijncafe tends to be my go-to restaurant in almost any situation. The food centres around sausages of all kinds, is easy to share, and pairs brilliantly with the vast selection of wines on offer. Plus it has the added bonus of being close to my house!

4: What is your favourite and least favourite Dutch food?

My least favourite is easy because there’s only one: drop (liquorice). I cannot stand it. My favourite is a lot harder because I like most things… but a portion of smoked ossenworst from Café de Dokter is a wonderful thing 🙂

5: Which restaurant is next on your list and why?

Baut, because everyone keeps raving about it, and it’s not going to be there much longer because it’s a temporary venue… I just hope I make it there in time!

6: Where is your secret foodie spot in Amsterdam? 

There’s this really cute Greek café-cum-bakery called Trela Plein that does amazing coffee and bougatsa (a type of filled pastry). It’s so cheap (everything seems to cost about €2.50) and the Greek guys who run it are incredibly friendly.

7: Tell me about a bar that does really good bar snacks

I really rate Boca’s for fantastic borrelhapjes. In fact, the snacks are so good, I’d just keep going and turn them into dinner!

8: Complete the sentence: Dutch food is…

… Underrated.

9: Describe your perfect day in Amsterdam

Well, it would have to start with coffee! And then (presuming it’s a Sunday), I’d head to the NeighbourFood Market for brunch (not missing out on Artisan Kitchen and CRAVE Good Food) followed by a walk in the park to digest. Late afternoon/early evening, I’d meet up with friends for a good local bock beer and some borrelhapjes. Or, in winter, it’s gluhwein all the way!

10: What three items would you pack in your suitcase for a trip to Amsterdam

My umbrella AND my sunglasses (you never know what the weather’s going to do), plus my iPhone, which I can’t live without especially when travelling.

11: If you had to leave Amsterdam tomorrow, what would you miss the most and why?

My bike – I absolutely love the fact that I can get anywhere in the city within 30 minutes. While taking in fresh air and exercise at the same time!

You can find Vicky blogging at Amsterdam Foodie , pop by and say hello!

Image credit:  Jan-Kees Steenman



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