Amsterdam through British eyes

Saturday sharing: A Big Celebration



This week has been all about relaxing, as we spent 5 days in the South of France, lapping up the sunshine and enjoying some very good food. Monday was really exciting for me, as my first big article went into TNT magazine. We also had some very big celebrations while we were in France. Michiel’s parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary, we celebrated my birthday and me getting a new job, and Michiel’s birthday as it was the first time we had all been together since June.

This is what I have loved this week: 


 Hanging out with Michiel’s family in the South of France


 Seeing my article on the Drag Queen Olympics go into TNT Magazine on Monday (Pages 62,63, and 64)


 Sunshine in Amsterdam – hopefully it will stay a while longer


 Sunflowers in the South of France- you could really see how Van Gogh was inspired by these beautiful fields filled with flowers. When we got home, Michiel got me some for our  bedroom


  Watching the pride celebrations today during the boat parade


That’s all from me. Have a great week




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