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Saturday Sharing: A look back, and a look forwards


Happy New Year – sorry that it’s a few days late. You probably all know this, but sometimes, I like to look back and reminisce. Although we are already in 2014, last year was a defining year for both me, and my blog so I want to take the chance to look back over what has been a year of ups and downs, take a look forward and tell you my ambitions for this blog.

First, 2013. What a year of highs and lows – I lost an uncle to cancer, I quit a job I wasn’t happy in without having a new one to jump into, I became an auntie, I celebrated my two-year anniversary of living in the Netherlands, my nan had to have a major operation to remove skin cancer from her face, I started freelancing and got my first ever paid gig (which led to more) and I found a new job.

My blog started to grow, and I realised that by writing twice a week, letting you all know that I was a real person worked (as well as giving handy tips on Tuesdays) and that my best pieces were sometimes written out of extreme frustration. I attended my first press trip, and my second. I got up close and personal with a Van Gogh painting, it opened up doors for me, and for that I am incredibly grateful.

So, what’s next for me, and my blog? Well, eventually it will be re-vamped. (I keep saying that, but this year it will come true I promise. I just need to keep on at Michiel since he does all of the technical stuff for me), I will be having a giveaway – (I’ll have more details for you at a later date, but it is exciting), and I want to start doing more with hotels and airbnb to show you the best places to stay for your budget, but we’ll see how it goes.

I also want to start answering more questions from people who are looking to move here (I have heaps of mails in my inbox at the moment which I need to start answering). With that, I want to take this opportunity to show you some of my favourite posts (also the most popular) from 2013

Here are my most popular posts from 2013:

How to avoid the queues at the Van Gogh Museum

How to avoid the queues at the Rijksmuseum

How to avoid the queues at the Anne Frank House

Maximising your money-saving in Amsterdam

And here are two of my favourite articles I wrote that appeared in other places:

Amsterdam’s Secret Gardens

10 Top reasons to visit Amsterdam in 2013

Here are some of my favourite photos from this year:

Inside the Concertgebouw when I went behind the scenes

Inside the North-South line when I got to go and see what they were doing

Going to the re-opening of the Rijksmuseum

Photograph highlights from my musical press trip

Up close with a Van Gogh painting

That’s all from me – I hope 2014 is better than ever for you. I’ll see you on Tuesday for my travel tip



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