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Saturday Sharing: Moving House, New Babies and a Well-Deserved Holiday


In case you thought I had decided to go on holiday and never come back, there is good news. I’m here, blogging on my new makeshift desk (a patio table with a lovely table cloth and chairs) in our new apartment. We got back from a well-deserved holiday in Thailand yesterday, which was totally fabulous. So, I hear you ask, what on earth have you been doing for the last 6 weeks?

From the last time I blogged up until now, we’ve been really busy sorting out the new apartment. The first weekend of October my mum came and helped us paint the whole apartment. Having never painted before, I had no clue where to even start (that’s what mums are for, right?) We managed to get everything done, apart from the utility room (which doesn’t matter – who is ever going to hang out in there?!)

This is us celebrating on the balcony after finishing

The second weekend in October was spent with my adorable new niece, and visiting family having plenty of cuddles and thoroughly enjoying being a new auntie.

Meanwhile, at home Michiel was busy putting the flooring in with his dad, who we just couldn’t have managed without.


The third weekend was moving weekend, and thanks to several friends – Mark, Charlotte, Liesbeth, and of course, Cees for helping on the day and also to Claudia and Jan-Willem for bringing us a delicious stew, and Wouter for the snacks on Sunday evening. It really took the stress out of everything.

The fourth weekend was spent celebrating M’s dad’s 70th birthday, which was a very special occasion, and we were treated to a gorgeous four (yes four!) course meal at lunchtime in their favourite local restaurant in Heerhugowaard. It was lovely to see Claire, Matthijs and Louise again, and was a nice end to a really busy few weeks.

After all of that, it was time for a holiday. We had booked the flights before we found the apartment, which meant that October was completely manic. Thailand was calling, and we planned to spend three weeks in the south. We arrived in Kuala Lumpur and stayed for two days before heading on to Phuket, and the islands.

My favourite things from the holiday were:


Getting my advanced open water PADI qualification at The Adventure Club on Koh Phi-Phi. If you happen to go there looking to get a PADI qualification, Enzo is an awesome teacher.

Learning how to make Massaman curry paste and Massaman curry in our cooking class at the Lanta Thai Cookery School in Koh Lanta

 Taking part in Loi Krathong in Krabi – so awesome. There was Thai dancing, music, and a party afterwards. When we got back to our apartment there was a real party vibe.

 Eating some seriously delicious Thai food, it was so good. I also really liked Kuala Lumpur for food – so much chinese food. The last time I was in KL, I hated it, so this was a real turn around.

Being picked up from the airport on Friday morning after landing at 5am by Michiel’s dad. I have never been more grateful for not having to navigate trains and metros in the cold when we were both so tired.

That’s all from me. See you on Tuesday for my travel tip






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