Amsterdam through British eyes

Saturday sharing: New apartment and more musical shenanigans


Saturday and Sunday were filled with excitement once again. Some of the highlights included dinner at Keizersgracht 238, tickets for the Prinsengracht concert (where I managed to stay quite dry until the couple next to us decided to leave and throw water all over me with their umbrella) and a guided tour of the Concertgebouw along with a private concert. By the end of the weekend I was completely wiped out.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging a bit more about the weekend, and some of the things I did, but for now, here’s a picture of the highlights from my weekend.


Things I have loved this week:

 Finding out we have got the apartment, and will be moving in October!


 Booking our holiday to Thailand (we’ve been taking our time!)
 Window shopping for new things for our house
That’s all from me this week, Have a great week – see you on Tuesday for my travel tip

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