Amsterdam through British eyes

Saturday sharing: Sushi, Weddings and Waiting.


The last two weeks have been quite busy, with a Sushi night out, teaching English, a wedding in Germany and waiting for my sister’s baby to arrive. I am very excited and impatient since the baby is a week late now.

The wedding was one of the highlights of my whole week. A friend of Michiel’s got married in Germany (his new wife is German, and they now live there). The ceremony was a mash-up of Dutch and English, which was funny when we had to sing hymns. The party was brilliant – they played a lot of 90s music and I danced all night. Congratulations Julia and Steven!

We stayed in a really nice hotel called Hotel Deisterblick, which was about 10 minutes away from the wedding reception. It’s not too far from Hanover. I really liked it there. The woman who ran it was really helpful. She gave us a key to the front door, and told us that if we couldn’t get in (the key was really difficult) then to call her, so at 2am when the key wouldn’t yield any results we called and she got up straight away to let us in. Breakfast was also fantastic, so much to choose from and we used it to fill our boots before our 3 hour drive home.


My favourite things from the past two weeks are


  Being in total hysterics over some seriously dodgy 90s music.


  The sheer amount of dessert at Julia and Steven’s wedding. SO GOOD!
  Eating a ridiculous amount of sushi at +bento in Amsterdam with Zabina
 Catching up with an old friend at 7.45am in the morning. Gotta love time differences in New Zealand.
 Getting more freelance work. I’m now writing for ToGoTo regularly, and have to e-mail Viator back about an article they want me to write!
That’s all for this week. Until Tuesday!
Photo credit for wedding photographs: Jan-Willem Spuij

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