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Sunday Sharing: Amsterdam Hotel Night


Amsterdam Hotel night (or in dutch – Amsterdamse Hotelnacht), is an annual event which started in 2013. The concept is simple – you become a tourist in your own city. You can stay in a hotel for a fraction of the cost, and there are events in hotels all over the city on Saturday until late, and on Sunday. This was what I was doing over the weekend. Last year was totally brilliant (we stayed in the Hampshire Hotel Rembrandt Square last year) and I had high hopes for this weekend.

Events started at around 2pm, but my first appointment was at the Conservatorium hotel for a raw food workshop at 3pm. There were about 15 of us, and our patisserie chef Gino. It was completely fascinating. We made a fruit salad and it was the best fruit salad I have eaten in a very long time, and the best part was that it was extremely healthy (though maybe not the lemon sorbet I had on top). The whole workshop lasted for 2 hours and I came away feeling really good.

Can you guess which is mine?

Mine is the one on the left, obviously.

Since there was only one space on the raw food workshop left, Michiel was waiting at the Krasnapolsky at a roaring twenties party, so I hurried to catch the end of it, and it was fantastic. There were amazing dancers, a jazz band, and people in costume. It was one of my favourite parts of the weekend. Since I arrived towards the end of the party, we didn’t stop that long before heading to our hotel to check in. We were staying at the Renaissance Amsterdam. Here is a picture of the jazz band.

After checking in, we had to grab a quick bite to eat before heading to the Movenpick for their secret lounge, which was all the way up on the 20th floor. I think it had been created especially for the Hotel Night, but the view was fantastic (though you had to really press your face up against the window to see.) There was live music, cocktails and a competition to win a meal by having your photo taken, so next week I’ll be frantically tagging my photos.

We went to the Skylounge (on the top floor of the Double Tree Hilton), where they had covered the roof with snow, which was good, in principle but I wore heels, and because people had been walking all over it, it was icy – they had some mats to help, but I was still terrified of falling over, so I decided to go back inside and Michiel decided to check out the views from the roof.

The Masque ball was our last stop. It was at our hotel, in their conference centre which is a church. It looked really pretty, but the music (at least for me) was terrible, so we didn’t last very long before calling it a night.

I’ll see you again on Tuesday for another travel tip. I hope you all had a great weekend.



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