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Sunday Sharing: Brunch at Buuf in Amsterdam


Brunch is one of my favourite things about Amsterdam. There are so many different places to go, and so many dishes you can eat. Today I was at Buuf, with a Girl Gone International meetup, which is where they hold their brunches every month.

At Buuf, it’s not really a conventional brunch, instead of things like eggs benedict, or pancakes, they have sandwiches (which you could argue is actually like having lunch, but I hadn’t had any breakfast before I went, so it is still brunch to me!)

Whenever I go, I like to choose from their sandwiches. They have so much choice, and they are just so delicious. This time I went for a warm goats cheese sandwich, with honey and walnuts, with a balsamic dressing. As usual, it was really good.

I also ordered a mint tea, it’s one of my favourite drinks here, and today was no exception. I ended up having two, because there was so much talking going on, and I was really thirsty because I had just cycled 7km, but that’s another story.

The atmosphere in Buuf is a little retro, and I really like it in there. There used to be a time when they would ask for your name, and shout when your order was ready, but they seem to have stopped doing that, so you have to listen carefully for your order.

The prices are reasonable, I paid EUR7.05 for a sandwich and a mint tea. It’s located on the Overtoom, and you can take tram 1 to get there.

Since I forgot to put the memory card in my camera, I only took 3 pictures with my phone, so sorry about that! The rest of my week has been so busy that I really haven’t done anything else outside of work. I’ll see you on Tuesday for my travel tip.


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