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Sunday Sharing: Getting into the Festive Spirit


This blog post is a day late because yesterday Michiel and I went shopping to a precinct called the Woonmall – or, in English the living mall, to find more stuff for our apartment. We were on a mission to cover as much ground as possible – it’s a big mall, and we only went into shops that fit our criteria (not too pricey, and looked good from the outside). We managed to get through the whole mall in about 4 hours before exhaustion set in, so when I got home, blogging was not on the top of my mind, so sorry about that.

In other news, during the week I started to get into the festive spirit. At work on Wednesday we had 24 people join in with gift-giving. The idea was you had to buy three presents for a sum total of EUR7.50, and then we played a really fun game where you get to steal presents, swap presents and save presents, all dictated by the roll of a dice. Because of this, I am now the proud owner of a bike moustache (which my bike has been wearing when the weather is good), a candlestick, and a paint-it-yourself mug.

Today I went to a pop-up mini Christmas market, which was so much fun. I met up with my friend Chantal, who runs the Bookish Banquet and her friend Karen. Later on Joris also came along too, and we had a great time. There was food there from the Dikke Lepel, which was so scrummy – the cakes, and the pulled pork were my absolute favourites.

We popped into Hutspot for a coffee as well because it was just around the corner, and I absolutely loved it in there. They have a machine that can engrave phone covers, and it was there that I bumped into a friend and former colleague who happened to be having herself a phone case engraved. It was awesome!

My favourite things from this week have been

Feeling festive and drinking mulled cider at the pop-up Christmas market

Catching up with all of my work at last!


 Wrapping up presents for my work Christmas gift-giving

Cycling with my bike moustache


  Listening to Christmas music (will I peak too soon? I hope not!)


That’s all from me, enjoy your week and I’ll see you on Tuesday for my travel tip.


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