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Sunday Sharing: Parties, Pilates, Meetings, and Coffee


This week has been awesome. I’ve had so much going on that yesterday evening that when I got home I completely crashed out and watched A Christmas Carol, followed by Shrek 3, instead of blogging (both excellent Christmas movies). I know it was naughty of me, but it is nearly Christmas, and I think Santa will give me a reprieve for it.

My week has been super fun and busy. All week at work I have been preparing for having a few days off over Christmas, and my evenings were taken up from Monday to Saturday. I’ll give you the highlights:

Thursday evening was spent at Studio Annamora’s Christmas party, where I tried out yoga and pilates for free (because it is nearly Christmas after all). I really liked it there, and so I will eventually be going on a more regular basis and will hopefully be able to improve my posture. I went back to work afterwards, hoping to catch the end of an online poker match where my company was competing for a share of EUR1,500 (I think), but as I arrived they had just finished.

Friday evening was my work Christmas party, and we went to the restaurant Pata Negra on the Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam, followed by drinks and dancing at Bouwman. I really like Pata Negra – before I went to their branch near the Oosterpark, and the Utrechtsestraat branch was also really good. Bouwman was really fun too, and absolutely packed with people.

Yesterday, I went to the opening of a new concept store called Wanaka, where I tried coffee for the first time in over 10 years without spitting it out, or abandoning it, and it was really really good. I had a cappucino, which is probably the most mild flavoured coffee, but I still felt proud of myself. The store itself was really cool. They sell lots of nice stuff, and everything in the shop is for sale (maybe not the staff). The people who sell their stuff there pay a part of the rent. Here is a collage of some of the pictures I took:

I was with Chantal, who had arranged to meet one of her friends in another coffee place called Sweet Cup, so I tagged along too because I had never been, and she said it was really cute. There they have a selection of coffees, but I decided to drink tea and they had a lot of choice on the tea front, so I was sniffing away until I managed to decide. It was a really fun afternoon, but I was so tired from going out the night before, that when I got home, I had no energy and just curled up on the sofa. Sometimes it’s exactly what a girl needs.

As of next week I will be managing the ToGoTo Amsterdam facebook page, so make sure that you follow them for more Amsterdam articles and updates.

That’s all from me, see you on Tuesday for my travel tip. Have a great week!


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