Amsterdam through British eyes

Sunday Sharing: Skype, studios and socialising


Sometimes, I feel like a week goes by where not much really happens. Despite it going really quickly, this is one of those weeks where I feel exactly like that. In reality a lot has gone on – I went to my first pilates lesson at Studio Annamora, I had two Dutch skype lessons (which I had managed to put off for 3 months), I had a few meetings and work was pretty busy so why do I feel like nothing has happened?

I think the reason is because apart from going to work, I haven’t actually really left the house, though I think next week I will be telling you that I’m completely exhausted because I’ve done too much! On Tuesday among several other things, I’m going to an event which is all in Dutch, about crowdfunding. On Thursday I’m going for drinks with the Girl Gone International meetup group, and at the weekend it is Amsterdam Hotel Night.

Amsterdam Hotel Night is one of my all-time favourite events in Amsterdam. People who live in Amsterdam can get a hotel room at a heavily discounted rate, and then they have events all over Amsterdam at different hotels. I am doing a raw food dessert cookery class, and then Michiel and I have booked to go to the Movenpick Hotels secret lounge. There are loads of other things that we will be doing, but these are the two things I am most looking forward to.

Last year we stayed at the Hampshire Hotel Rembrandt Square, but this time we are staying at the Renaissance which I am really excited about. This was also the same weekend that we went to the Living Room Jewelry Bar for their opening party celebration (which I totally loved).

I’ll be blogging on Sunday about what I get up to, and will hopefully be live tweeting throughout the day and night so stay tuned. That’s all from me – short but sweet. See you on Tuesday for my travel tip.


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