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Amsterdam for kids (or big kids at heart)


Since I don’t have kids, the opportunities to explore what Amsterdam has to offer for little ones was few and far between. However, that all changed when my sister visited with my 2-year-old niece. I did my research, and found the best things to do in Amsterdam for kids.

Het Weste Woesten: This was by far the best place we went to – it’s essentially an outdoor play area for kids. You can learn how to make fire (though they only give instruction in Dutch), fish, go on the swings and explore this outdoor playground. My niece loved it and we whiled away the afternoon there in the sun.

Het Weste Woesten

Micropia: This is perfect for slightly older kids (I think it would be lost on anyone under the age of about 7). It’s an exhibition on microbes, and it’s totally fascinating. My favourite thing about it was the scanner which told you exactly how many microbes you had on your body. You could even look at microbes under a microscope. I wished I could have stayed for longer to explore.


The resistance museum: This museum has a great kids exhibition.It tells four very different (and completely true) stories from people who experienced the  occupation of the Netherlands during the second world war firsthand. You hear from a Jewish girl, a boy whose parents were part of the resistance movement, a girl whose father was a member of the Nazi party, and a girl whose parents went along with the occupation. It’s incredibly interactive and I really enjoyed it.

photo (21)

Tropenmuseum junior: The Tropenmuseum is a museum that celebrates World culture. They have a special museum section suitable for kids from the age of 7 up and they do regular creative activities for children aged 4 and up through the summer holidays and during the weekends.  Definitely worth a visit.

Thank you to Amsterdam Marketing for arranging for me to go to the Resistance museum, Micropia and the Tropenmuseum. As always, my opinions are my own.



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