Amsterdam through British eyes

Amsterdam with #nofilter


Amsterdam is a beautiful city, and all too often when I take pictures I’m guilty of whacking on a filter to make the picture pop even more (hello Instagram!). Amsterdam is beautiful just the way it is, and so when I was contacted by London City Airport to take part in a #nofilter photography competition, it made me think about my photos, and how sometimes it’s just better to let the photo do its own talking.

These are some of my #nofilter images that I have chosen, and all of them were taken on my iPhone 4 (very retro)

I’m going to start with my favourite, which was taken in the Rijksmuseum. The photo came out this way because I don’t own a selfie stick (because who needs one?) and my arms are not long enough. I wanted to capture me and Rembrandt’s Night watch, which meant I had to be a little creative with it, which is always a good tip when it comes to taking pictures.  The Rijksmuseum is one of my favourite places in Amsterdam – there is plenty that you can see and take pictures of.


The second photo was when I was cycling to work. I love the view – quintessential Amsterdam. Houseboats, bridges and canal houses. It was a cloudy day but I still thought it was a beautiful view. This was taken near the Hermitage Museum – generally the canals are great places to explore as there are so many photo opportunities.


The third is because Amsterdam is full of creatives, and I loved this so much I nearly did stop and go for food there, but I was at work so I couldn’t. The Pijp area of Amsterdam is a lot of fun –  there is the Albert Cuyp Market, plenty of great places to eat and drink, and I love the atmosphere.

photo (13)

Here are some tips for #nofilter photgography

1: Creativity is probably the most important thing when you’re taking pictures. If you find something unusual, or a different way of taking a photo, you should do it. You never know how it’s going to come out and usually it’s a lot more fun than a standard photo of somewhere.
2: Light is also important – on cloudy days it can be difficult to create atmosphere in your pics, especially with an iPhone, but persevere.
3: Framing is everything. Use the rule of thirds to really make your picture pop.

Other great areas to take pictures in Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam North for street art and alternative pictures
  • The Jordaan for pretty canal houses
  • The Skylounge in Amsterdam for great views of Amsterdam from above

Shout out to Duncan from the Urban Travel Blog who is judging the competition. The prize is an Apple iPad or a Microsoft Surface RT tablet (in case you were curious).


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