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High wine at East 57


There are two things in life that I love. – food and wine. When I got invited to go to East 57 for their opening, during which I would get to sample a ‘high wine’, I was more than a little bit excited.

If you haven’t heard about East 57 yet, it’s a concept where you can eat, drink and also buy food from local producers to take home with you. There are three different areas – the ‘shop’ area where you can buy items (including coffee and there’s a deli there too!), the restaurant where you can sit down and eat lunch or dinner, and the wine bar, which does exactly what it sais on the tin.

Here are some photos

East 57

Image credit: Sander Baks

The restaurant area

East 57

Image credit: Sander Baks

The wine bar, including the high wine.

East 57 brownies

Image credit: Sander Baks

Just some of the goodies you can buy to take home

East 57-cheeseboard

Image credit: Sander Baks

A delicious cheese board

East 57 soup

Image credit: Sander Baks

Some soup.

The high wine was a highlight. The sommelier had chosen three wines to match with three small tastings. The first (and also my favourite) was this wine


It was a sweet wine which had been paired with a blue cheese. Who knew that sweet wine and blue cheese went together? I could have drunk (and eaten) the two all day.

The second white wine was paired with a hoummous and vegetable bread, which I didn’t manage to get a picture of (I was just so excited).

The last wine was a red, and this was paired with this:



High wine only costs EUR 19.50 which I think is totally worth it. I will definitely be heading back there for more, and to get some of that sweet wine and blue cheese! Thankyou to East 57 for inviting me along. As always, my opinion can’t be bought.


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