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Amsterdam Gay Pride 2012


Yesterday was the main celebration of Gay Pride 2012, the canal parade. Michiel, Phoebe and I headed to  Waterlooplein to watch. We got there relatively early and sat behind some people who were at the edge of the canal. It started to rain hard, so our grit and determination paid off. The people in front of us left so we moved forwards straight away. Armed with waterproofs and an umbrella Michiel checked the forecast and it said it was going to pass quickly.

Luckily it did pass quickly (A few lines of `We shall not, we shall not be moved’ seemed to help things along) and the sun started to shine again as we waited for the parade of boats to pass where we were sitting. I didn’t really know what to expect, but the afternoon was filled with costumes, music and dancing and there were boats from all sorts of places, including the police, and KLM to name a few.

A lot of the boats had themes, and some of the costumes were really elaborate. I loved it – the atmosphere was brilliant, and there were so many people out in Amsterdam watching the parade. The people on the boats were having great fun, and Phoebe and I made a game out of waving at people to see if anyone would wave back (yes we do like to pretend we’re six every now and then) and eventually Michiel joined in too.

The only problem that we had was going to the bathroom – none of us wanted to miss any of it, and the queue for the toilet was really long. Luckily, we made a few friends out of the people behind us which was a bit to do with the fact that we were drinking, and also the because atmosphere was fantastic, but they sat in our places while we were gone.

It was a really great day and I can definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking about coming next year.

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