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Drag Queen Olympics 2012


Yesterday evening Michiel and I went to the Drag Queen Olympics which were held next to the Homo monument. Hosted by Jennifer Hopelezz, this was an event where drag queens and kings could sign up to compete in various different events including a 100m stiletto sprint, handbag throwing and a tug of war. This was my first ever pride event and I had heard that it was a lot of fun, so I was really looking forward to it.


There were competitors from all over the world and they were all introduced to the audience and each did a catwalk and then it was on to the competitions, my favourite being the handbag toss, where each contestant had their own method of hurling their handbag into the crowd, and one managed to get the handbag onto the roof of the burger vendor that was there!

After each event a winner was announced, and they had a podium for first, second and third place. They presented each winner with a rosette which they each accepted gracefully. Then it was on to the next event which was hula-hooping. It was dangerous if you were anywhere at the front of the stage as seven queens and kings were on the stage all attempting to keep the hula hoops up for as long as possible. There was no extra room on the stage and I nearly got hit in the face a few times, so I ducked to avoid being hit!

There was also some entertainment, while they went around to sell raffle tickets, and Michiel and I both really enjoyed it. I have only ever been to drag bingo, which was completely different as there were no musical performances. There were performances from two of the queens in the interlude (I have totally forgotten their names, which is so annoying!) which were brilliant.

Overall I had a really great time, it’s such a shame that it rained. We left before the end, so we didn’t get to see the end of the show but it was definitely a great showcase for Pride, and I am really looking forwaed to seeing the canal parade today which starts at 2pm.

For more pictures of the Drag Queen olympics please see my picasa




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