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For the Love of Chocolate: Chocoa Festival 2013


This weekend for the first time ever there was a chocolate festival designed to bring chocolate lovers and sustainable chocolate producers together in Amsterdam. Chocoa Festival was held over two days. There were so many chocolate producers there including Chocolatl, Original Beans, Dutch Home made and Pepper to name a few.

Designed to show people that better chocolate can only come from good cocoa (fine or flavour cocoa, and sustainable beans) which currently makes up only 2% of the world’s cocoa production today, this event proved to be very popular.

With chocolate tastings, chocolate face painting, a chocolate wish wall and chocolate activities going on it was ideal for chocolate lovers. There was even a stall where you could snort chocolate powder (it was kind of minty, and you could taste it in the back of your throat, which was a little weird)

One of my favourite chocolate producers included tout, a chocolaterie and patisserie who were selling some really delicious chocolates and bonbons including a really tasty rosemary and seasalt chocolate which was absolutely divine. 

Pepper Mango, who make homemade chocolates, ice cream and premium coffee, gave me a chocolate from their caramel assortment – a salin caramel chocolate. I really loved it, so salted chocolate became my theme for the rest of the day

Determined to find a good salted milk chocolate (and with only €10 in my pocket) I went to every stall that had salted chocolate, and ended up buying a chocolate bar from Chocolatl, as I had looked around for a long time, and the girls on the stall were so friendly and really helpful.

Overall, this has definitely opened my eyes to chocolate producers I had never even heard of before, and all of them have shops in Amsterdam or supply their chocolate to shops in Amsterdam. Admittedly, it was more expensive than normal chocolate, but it was totally worth it. 


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