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Onion Fest – Free onions


On Friday I found out about this event called Onion Fest, where they are giving out free onions as the farmers have had an exceptionally good harvest this year in Holland and if they didn’t give them away they would be buried underground and left to rot. 

As you can imagine, I was very excited and had already decided that Michiel and I were definitely going.  I had read that there would be food stalls and the opportunity to eat for free if you chopped up your own onions on the friday evening.  Essentially they were going to make you cry for your supper, instead of singing for it.

When we arrived. There was already a crowd of people there, and I was shocked by the sheer amount of onions – I thought that maybe because we were arriving on Saturday that they might be rationing the onions out to people, but instead there were still piles of them.  Michiel and I got straight in.  We were looking for the best onions and we weren’t disappointed.  There were thousands of beautiful onions just waiting to be bundled inside our rucksack.  We decided not to take too many since we didn’t want to end up throwing them out ourselves.

After we had picked out our onions we went to the stalls – there were only two.  The first had onion soup cooking, and the second had onion focaccia with thyme and parmesan, with a wood stove. Everything was cooked in front of you, which I really loved. Michiel chose to have the soup, but I didn’t really fancy it and I had my eye on the focaccia bread stall.

Michiel really enjoyed his soup – they put fresh coriander and mint into it, but for me the highlight was definitely the bread.  The onions were seasoned with thyme, and then added to the bread with a sprinkling of parmesan.  Then they were put into the stove for a couple of minutes until they were cooked.  It was so tasty, i’m going to find a recipe for focaccia.

If you know any great recipes containing lots of onions please let me know.  I have the usual suspects – onion soup, onion quiche and onion focaccia.


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