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Queen’s Day: A Guide to Getting Around


This year is set to be one of the biggest and best Queen’s Day, because not only will this be the last Queen’s day until Princess Amalia takes the crown (which could be some time), but also because this is the day that Queen Beatrix will abdicate in favour of Crown Prince Willem-Alexander.

Queen’s day takes place on the 30th April and is one of the biggest celebrations in Amsterdam, with parties, street markets and a fantastic atmosphere. This year there will be extra events put on to celebrate the coronation of Crown Prince Willem-Alexander including a ball at Museumplein, and a Royal Boat Parade.

Timetable of events

10am: The Queen’s abdication at the Royal Palace in Dam Square

10.30am: The Royal Family will make an appearance on the Palace Balcony, where Beatrix, and Prince Willem-Alexander will give a short speech.

14.00 – 15.30pm The swearing in and investiture of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander at De Nieuwe Kerk

19.30 The Song for the King is performed at the EYE Film Institute.

19.45 -21.30pm Royal Boat Parade

21.30 – 23.00 King’s Ball at Museumplein


Transport in the city will be limited and will only take you to the outskirts of the city due to the free markets and the sheer amount of people in the city. It is possible to buy a 24 hour transport card for 5 euros on the 30th April


The best way to get into Amsterdam is via train, but it will be busy. There is a special Orange Timetable running on the 30th April. Please note that Amsterdam RAI station will be closed all day for trains and metro. The best way to get to Museumplein is via Amsterdam Zuid and use the walking route

Tram and Bus 

Trams and buses will not be going to Central station  from midnight on the 29th until May the 1st at 1pm. Tram 24, 26 and bus 326 will not be operational for the whole day

The centre of Amsterdam will be incredibly busy. It is probably better to leave your bike at home, thann risk having it lost, stolen or trashed.


It is probably better to leave your car at home as not all of the roads will be accessible and there will be prohibited parking around Amsterdam.

Ferries will be running to Amsterdam Noord on a revised schedule throughout the 30th. If you are trying to get to the EYE or IjPlein, that the ferries will not be running between 17.30 and 22.0 There will be a replacement ferry running between those times, going from Westerdoksdijk to the NDSM wharf, and there will be a shuttle bus available for you to visit the various points of interest.

Walking route:

Here is a plan of the walking route from various pounts in the city to museumplein. 







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