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The Rollende Keukens Festival 2012


On Saturday Michiel and I went to the Rollende Keukens Festival in Westerpark, which translated means “Rolling Kitchens”, and it was brilliant. It was free to get in and there were loads of caravans and different stalls selling food, snacks and drinks and some live music thrown in for good measure. The weather was fantastic which made for a great afternoon.

The kitchens opened at 1pm, so we got there around 2ish, and I was feeling hungry (I deliberately didn’t eat much since I knew I would want to try as much food as possible when I was there.) The festival was in a set area of the park, which was full of caravans and stalls cooking all kinds of different food.

The first thing Michiel and I did was take a walk around to see what was on offer, and I was so excited. They had everything from tapas to oysters, to pizza and Thai food.  It was a real mix bag of food, but since it was so hot I told Michiel I really wanted some ice cream to start off our culinary adventure.  The ice cream stall that we found was really cute, and I just fell in love with it.  I ordered a lemon flavoured ice cream (not a sorbet), and Michiel had one scoop of bastonge (a type of biscuit) and one scoop of raspberry flavour. The woman who was serving us was with her daughter, and when we paid (six euro for 4 scoops and 2 cones) the little girl said “woah, that’s a LOT” which I thought was cute!

After wandering around some more we found a stall selling oysters, (one of Michiel’s favourites) along with some other seafood, and there was quite a queue. I ordered some prawns which were so good, I could have eaten them all day.  The shell was still on, but they had opened them up to get the tube out, and so they could absorb some of the flavour. I also love messy food (the messier the better in my opinion) so this was perfect.

We went on a quest to find some sangria, which wasn’t too difficult since there were several stalls selling it – although we were quite disappointed with the ones that we bought.  For a start they were made with white wine, which would have been ok if they hadn’t tasted like watered down wine.  They were pretty bad so then I wanted to find some proper sangria after that bad experience. 

When we had found some good Sangria we sat down on the grass to enjoy the sun and take in the atmosphere, but it wasn’t long before I was asking Michiel what we were eating next. I make no secret of the fact that I love poffertjes, and it just so happened that there was a stall selling them. I always manage to get icing sugar everywhere whenever I eat them, and this was no exception.  I dropped a poffertje on my leggings, along with a massive amount of icing sugar, so I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around looking like an idiot.

There was a stall which was selling what looked like potato lollipops (bear with me on this). The vendor got a potato, stuck it on a stick, and used a special machine to cut it so that when he fanned it out it was a big spiral of potato, which was deep fried and then you could choose the seasoning. I love paprika, so it was the obvious choice, and I wasn’t disappointed. 

We walked around some more, and I could have happily stayed there all night (but someone wanted to watch Chelsea vs Bayern Munich so we had to get to the pub in time). We found a hog roast, which looked fantastic, but they weren’t serving it until 5pm as part of a main meal, which wasn’t something that we were after.  We were just looking for small snacks to eat in between drinks. There was also an area for children specifically, with various things including a pizza workshop for kids which I really liked the idea of.  There was a sweet store and an area where kids could use nutella or “poop” to make snacks with. There really was something for everyone, and vegetarians, vegans, along with lactose and gluten intolerant people were well catered for. There was live music and plenty of DJ’s so you could get comfortable wherever you wanted and enjoy the atmosphere.

The last thing we ate before leaving was cake, and I can’t tell you just how good this was.  I had a lemon curd cake, with a meringue layer on the top. It was just the best thing I ate all afternoon, and as a lemon curd lover, I believe that this cake had exactly the right amount of lemon curd in. We sat down and all I wanted was to eat more cake. Although we ate a lot of sweet things there were so many savoury stalls, and a restaurant where you could get a 3 course meal for 15 euro, it was entirely possible to stay there for the whole night.

The festival continues today – the kitchens are open until 11pm, and after it gets dark there is a bonfire and they show food related films, I’m tempted to go back tonight for the bonfire and more eats!

For more images from the Rollende Keukens festival please see my picasa


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