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World Pillow Fight Day in Amsterdam



On Saturday it was World Pillow Fight Day in lots of cities all over the world, and Amsterdam was no exception.  We arrived in Dam Square ready for action at 3pm. A big crowd of people, all armed with pillows stood waiting and watching the clock, anticipating the moment when the feathers would start to fly.

The rules were to dress for mess, to fight fluffy and to help clean up afterwards.  This is the fourth year that it’s been held in Amsterdam and I was really excited.  There was a countdown and then chaos as people started hitting their opponents with their pillows.

It wasn’t long before there were explosions of feathers, making it look like Dam Square was snowing.  Some people dressed up, including a brilliant group who were dressed as various animals including a monkey and a giraffe. The cameras were rolling and I was keen to get in and take some pictures.  I got a few soft blows to the head before people realised I was unarmed and turned their attentions to their next victims, who were all within reach.

With that amount of feathers flying around you can imagine how covered I was after going into the crowd to take pictures, but it seemed like everyone around us had feathers all over them too.  Nobody could escape, even the shops. The entrance to the Bijenkorf was littered with feathers, and several people who were trying to wait it out.

As it turned out, they had to wait a while.  We went inside for at
least half an hour, and when we came out they were still going strong – with a group of people who had fresh, un-popped feathery pillows, I didn’t envy them a bit.  

We left Dam Square wondering how long this pillow fight could possibly go on, and how long it would take to clean up afterwards.  It was so much fun that next year I will be in the crowds armed with a pillow ready to fight, instead of being armed with a camera.





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