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Brunch at Bar Bukowski in Amsterdam


Brunch is the reserve of many expats here in Amsterdam, and so when I heard about Bar Bukowski opening (some time ago now), I knew it was somewhere that I wanted to try for brunch. Following a hard yoga session outside the Rijksmuseum, three of us went to sample exactly what Bar Bukowski had to offer.

On entering, I loved the atmosphere, and looking around I decided that I also liked the space. We found a seat, and started looking at the menu. It’s pretty reasonably priced, so you won’t break the bank. A lot of the food was around EUR7, and my mint tea cost EUR 2.50.

We all went for poached eggs, since I don’t think any of us had eaten breakfast before our exercise. We had one eggs benedict, one eggs atlantic and one eggs florentine with a side of avocado. Service was a little slow, which wasn’t helped by the fact that we were all really hungry.


My eggs benedict


Eggs Atlantic


Eggs Florentine

When it came, it was delicious. I practically inhaled mine because I was so hungry. I was originally torn between choosing eggs benedict or one of their vlammekuchen (which is really delicious if you’ve never tried it  – like pizza, but with craime fraiche), but I was actually glad that I chose eggs in the end.

I think Bar Bukowski would be a great space to have an event (especially in the evening), because the bar has a cosy feeling, the space is nice, the artwork on the walls is really fun, and the prices are good.


The bar in Bar Bukowski


Some of the wall art in Bar Bukowski


People enjoying themselves at Bar Bukowski


From the outside


The Bar Bukowski terrace.

What do you think? Have you ever been to Bar Bukowski for brunch? I would love to hear about it.


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