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Restaurant Elkaar


Michiel and I went out to celebrate me becoming a Dutch woman -well partially anyway (I got my tax number, which is as good a reason as any to celebrate), and as a surprise he had booked this restaurant called ‘Elkaar’ which is located in Alexanderplein, Amsterdam.

Restaurant Elkaar
Average price: €39,-
Minimum price: €36,-

A: Alexanderplein 6
T: +31 (0)20 330 75 59
W: Visit the website

We went there because it was restaurant week (which is held twice a year), a concept where for one week, fancy restaurants become affordable. The catch – which isn’t really a catch at all, is that you don’t get to pick the menu yourself, you just have to tell them what you won’t eat unless you’re a fully paying customer – in which case you can order whatever you want.

Michiel and I dressed up in our best attire, having never been to such a fancy restaurant before.

When I walked in I was so pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was cosy – there weren’t many tables which made it really feel like you were in someone’s house. We were greeted, had our coats taken and asked where we wanted to sit. I asked to sit by the window, in a spot where I could see most of the restaurant – (this is a habit I get from my dad who does exactly the same thing so we usually end up arguing about who gets the ‘best’ seat.)

We got given a glass of wine and an Amuse Bouche. We had a crudite with salmon and prawns followed by a small glass of soup. It was really good and a taste of things to come.

As soon as the staff realised I was English they translated each plate for me as it was served so I knew what I was eating which I thought was nice.

The starter was citrus and tarragon marinated salmon with tomato salsa, a star fruit crisp lemon mayonnaise and caviar. I have never had such a taste sensation. Everything went together so well and I absolutely loved it.

The main was duck breast with rillettes of duck, asparagus, carrot, caramelized shallots and potato truffle foam. Again, this was absolutely divine. I love duck – it’s one of my absolute favourites and this was no exception. Cooked to perfection – just thinking about it makes me hungry.

Dessert was banana parfait with chocolate mousse and pistachio sauce. I’m not the biggest fan of bananas but this was just the right amount. The pistachio sauce was really good too and went well with the chocolate mousse.

We were so excitable. When we clinked our wine glasses we made approving noises, and with every meal I ate it up so quickly because it tasted so good, and Michiel did the exact opposite for the exact same reason. The courses are small, though not too small. If you have a starter, main and dessert it is the perfect amount of food to fill you up.

If you are ever in Amsterdam, and want to go somewhere really and good for dinner, make sure you go to Elkaar.  They do have set menus for people on a bit of a budget, or you can order straight off of the menu if you want to choose exactly what you want to eat.

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