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Fall in love in Amsterdam: Top romantic dates


When you think of Amsterdam, the first thought in your head is probably not ‘ahh, Amsterdam, city of romance’ – it’s much more likely that you think of Paris, or Venice. I am here to show you that Amsterdam is a romantic city and should be associated with romance, just as Paris or Venice is. You just need to know where to look. Here are my top 5 romantic dates in this beautiful city.

Go to the Tuschinski theatre and book a love seat or a box: Going to the cinema is of course, a very normal thing to do on a date. However, the Tuschinski theatre is the most beautiful in Amsterdam. You want to be in Zaal 1 (screen 1) because it is the only place you can book a private box, or a love seat. Snuggle up with your beau and enjoy watching a film from your balcony or box seats, get some snacks and some drinks and enjoy your evening together. Perfect!

Go to a free concert at the Concertgebouw: Think about it, sweet music, the love of your life, all in a beautiful setting. The Concertgebouw free concerts are perfect for a date.To ensure you get a seat, you need to turn up early, and be prepared for some jostling. They are every Wednesday from 12.30pm for one hour, but when you get in it’s totally worth it. If you can, go to one in the main hall because it’s my favourite part of the Concertgebouw.

Take a horse and carriage ride around Amsterdam: Yes, it’s a cliche and no, I don’t care. Riding round Amsterdam in a horse and carriage is romance to a tee. You can go on a tour of the city and take in the sights, while being chauffered around. What’s not to love? You can find the horse and carriages on Dam Square.

Walk around the canals at night. This is one of my absolute favourite things to do. The canals are lit, and it’s the perfect end to a date night. In my opinion the best place to do this is around the Jordaan area, because it is pretty as a picture. In fact, this picture was taken on the Brouwersgracht:

What do you think? Is Amsterdam as romantic as Paris or Venice? Did I miss anything out? I would also love to hear about your romantic experiences of Amsterdam (nothing we wouldn’t want to write home about though!) You can read mine here.



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