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How to avoid the Queues at the Anne Frank House


The Anne Frank house has been playing on my mind for a long time. I had been thinking about writing this post, and then last week I saw the queue and nearly cried. It was the longest queue I had ever seen for the Anne Frank house, and I really mean that. It stretched all the way from the entrance, around the Westerkerk, and the end was at the junction of the Westermarkt and the Prinsengracht.

Of course, I immediately knew that it had to be written about, and fast. All of these poor people waiting hours to get in to Anne Frank’s House, and other people managing to jump the queue in front of them. They really were in for an extra-long wait. Maybe even worse than the Rijksmuseum on a weekend. I didn’t even want to think about it, as you’ve probably surmised from my posts on queueing, it really isn’t my strong point. So, here is how you avoid the queues at the Anne Frank House.

The first step is to book your tickets online, and book them early. This, and only this will guarantee that you get to jump the queue at your designated time. Don’t wait until you are in Amsterdam to make the booking as the tickets sell out quickly in the high season. Book them before you leave for your holiday or vacation (depending on which part of the globe you’re from). When you have your ticket, and are in Amsterdam (on the correct day and time) go to the second entrance which is to the left of the main entrance. Tip: You can book online with a museum card, you will only have to pay €0.50 processing fee. Everyone else will pay this fee on top of their ticket price.

There are a limited amount of tickets per timeslot though, so if they have sold out on the day that you want to go, remember that the Anne Frank House is open until 10pm every day in August. Go really early (8.15am anyone?) or much, much later. Try 8pm- 9pm. The museum advises people to go after 5pm, but I think the later the better as there are less crowds, less queuing and more time to take everything in. Their last admittance is 30 minutes before closing.

Don’t take a rucksack, backpack or any big bag. They won’t let you into the museum with it, so all of your queuing time will have been wasted. They have no cloakroom because it is too small. Remember if you have any jackets or coats that you will have to carry them with you around the museum. Bring a small bag, that you can hold in your hands, and are able to carry without putting it down. Note: You can bring a pushchair, but you will need to leave it in the entrance hall as it isn’t accessible for prams.

Getting there: The nearest stop to the Anne Frank House is Westermarkt. Trams 13, 14 and 17 stop here. An adult ticket costs €9.50, and a child costs only €5.

If you have any other tips to avoid the queues please let me know.





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