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Cirque de Soleil’s Corteo Show Amsterdam


Michiel and I booked tickets to go and see Corteo by Cirque de Soleil because I have always wanted to go and see a Cirque show, and since they are in town (until the 3rd June), it was the perfect opportunity. We arrived with two minutes to spare as we were shown to our seats.  We managed (without realising) to get seats behind the sound man so we had a perfect view without anyone tall in front of us blocking the view. Just as we were settling down the lights went down and we waited.  

The story is about a clown, who dies and then watches over his funeral from above, which turns into a carnival. He is involved in all of the scenes and he takes to the stage to perform for one last time.  I loved it, because there were a lot of traditionally funny jokes which everyone could understand and it didn’t matter where you came from.  There wasn’t much speaking, but when there was they did different parts in different languages so everyone could understand.

There were a lot of different acts, and some of the best included the Cyr Wheel, where the gymnasts did tricks in what looked like big hula hoops, the helium dance, where a little girl was bounced around the audience with helium balloons attached to her (she was super cute), and the tightwire, where a woman performed amazing tricks while standing on a tightwire. 

When the tightwire artist was on the tightrope, she tipped her hair down, and poured glitter through her hair. For me that was what the whole show was about – a visual spectacle.  If you are anything like me, when you watch the Olympics, the gymnasts there won’t be nearly as brilliant as the gymnasts at Cirque.  At Corteo, they are there to entertain and amaze you and that’s exactly what they do.  I was so impressed with the things that they did, my hair was standing on end. I left wanting more.

My favourite act, and the one that left me gasping for breath was the duo straps where two gymnasts used aerial straps to perform different tricks.  There was a moment where one of the gymnasts had wrapped herself up in the aerial straps with both feet, and then she fell, and when she finished she was hanging by one foot, suspended above the ground.

The whole thing was completely brilliant.  The costumes were something out of a dream world, the set was fantastic and I would highly recommend going to see this show

 All images are courtesy of Cirque de Soleil


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