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Moneysaving in Amsterdam: Day Two


After having an early start on day one of my moneysaving mission, I decided that today was a day for a bit of a lie-in, so I got up late (9.30am) and headed to Greenwoods for brunch. It’s not on the I amsterdam city card as a discount, but if you have a minicard for this place you get 10% off. They do a really good eggs benedict and it’s delicious. Top Tip: Take the wallet-sized minicard with you. Don’t rely on the app or a paper printout as they were reluctant to take either and prefer the card itself.

On my list of things to do for day two was the Rembrandthuis, the Resistance Museum (or Verzetsmuseum), Artis and Gassan Diamonds. To get from from Greenwoods to the Rembrandthuis I took the 9 tram to Rembrandtplein, and from here I walked because there were roadworks so the 9 and 14 are currently being redirected. It’s not too far to walk, and it’s quite easy to find.

The Rembrandthuis is free with the I amsterdam city card, and it also provides a free audio tour. I really enjoyed going into his studio where we were shown how he used to make his paints, and I got to have a go. It was harder than I thought it was going to be. After finishing the tour, I used my minicard in the giftshop and got two free postcards.

To get from the Rembrandthuis to the Resistance museum I walked, because of the roadworks there didn’t appear to be any trams. In normal circumstances I would have just jumped on the 9 or 14 for a few stops and walked the rest of the way. 

It was free to get in to the Resistance museum with the Iamsterdam city card and I really liked it. It highlighted the different ways that the Dutch resisted the Nazi’s during the occupation, and one of the most surprising to me was during church sermons vicars would openly criticise the regime, and tell people that they had to help others. In the shop I used my minicards voucher to get a free postcard as well.

Then I stopped off at cafe Planicus for a drink and some food. Top tip: Use your entry ticket to the Resistance museum to get your second coffee free. Unfortunately it was just me, and I don’t drink coffee so instead I chose to have a fresh mint tea. It’s reasonably priced in cafe with sandwiches around the €8 mark.

I decided that I needed a little bit of cheering up after the Resistance museum, so I decided to visit Artis which is conveniently located opposite cafe Planicus. Entry is free with your Iamsterdam card, and I arived just in time to see some of the animals being fed. I made use of my minicard in the shop, and got a free postcard.

From here I decided to go to Gassan Diamonds for a free tour, and as part of the Iamsterdam City card you also get a free surpise (two chocolates, which were delicious). I wasn’t overly impressed with the tour, as I ended up with a group who had to catch a bus. What was supposed to take half an hour, took 10 minutes. It was interesting, but I felt a bit like I had been pushed through so these people could have time in the gift shop, and wouldn’t miss their bus. Maybe it’s better to get there earlier in the day, because what I saw was definitely interesting. 

Before heading back to the centre I checked my Iamsterdam city card map to see if there were any freebies nearby, and there was. I stopped off at the Heineken Brand Store to collect the surprise, which was a Heineken bottle opener. It’s pretty cool, and Michiel was really excited about it when I gave it to him. (I don’t have a clue why, but it must be good if he really liked it).

For dinner on this night, I had already made plans with some girlfriends, which was not part of any deal site, or discounts. I was at Stadscafe van Mechelen, which is a relatively new restaurant. It’s a really great place to eat, although it is a bit out of the way from the centre. For a better deal check out one of the many deal sites I have recommended in my article on how to maximise your moneysaving in Amsterdam.

 Total savings, including 10% discount at Greenwoods is €41.15

A special thankyou to Amsterdam Marketing for the free use of a 72-Hour Iamsterdam city card.


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