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Hampshire Hotel Rembrandt Square Review


Do you have relatives coming to visit and no idea which hotel to recommend? Here is the solution to your problem. With my help, based on my reviews of hotels in Amsterdam, this will now be a thing of the past. There will be no more messaging your friends or colleagues to ask for recommendations, because I am going to do the legwork for you. Once a month I will be staying in a hotel or hostel and reporting back here with my findings. First up, the Hampshire hotel Rembrandt Square.

Firstly, a few things that you need to know. This hotel is a four star hotel and we got this room at a heavily discounted rate (as part of Amsterdam Hotel Night it only cost us €65 for the room), and then we got upgraded to a junior room. I also didn’t tell them I was a blogger, so when we were upgraded they had no clue at all that I would be blogging about it, which means that my opinions are my own, and nobody had any influence on them.

On walking into the room, it was really spacious (which from what I’ve heard is not a regular occurrence in hotels in Amsterdam) so I was pleasantly surprised. The bed was a great size, but it was two double beds pushed together. There was a mini bar, which was priced similarly to the bars in the area, so it could be argued that it would be better to just go to a bar and enjoy the atmosphere.

The staff were really helpful and they gave us all of the information that we needed for 24HR and Amsterdam Hotel Night, although the next day when we checked out they made a mistake charging Michiel a city tax (which is reserved for Dutch people who are visiting Amsterdam, and not the people who already live in Amsterdam). Since they had his passport, and had checked him in the previous day, they should have already known not to charge him, but they were very quick to apologise and refund the €3 that he had paid.

Our room was overlooking the Rembrandtplein itself, so I was worried that it would be noisy, but there certainly wasn’t enough to keep me awake at night and I am a very light sleeper. We came home at around midnight on a Saturday night and slept solidly until morning. Some nice touches included Ritual cosmetics, and a mirror that de-steamed while you were showering so you could still see. There was free tea and coffee (but no milk, only creamer). The hairdryer was pretty good, normally in hotels they hardly blow out any air, but this one did the job efficiently.

There was a separate bathroom and toilet which I really liked, but the toilet was the only place that got really cold, even with the thermostat on. The bathroom could have been cleaner, but overall the level of cleanliness was quite high. Breakfast cost €17.50 each, so we decided to skip it in favour of going to Albert Heijn and picking up some goodies there.

The cost of the room that we had normally costs in the region of €125-135 per night as we were in the junior suite, but I really think that you’re paying for space, and the location of the hotel. The standard rooms cost between €89-€94 per night. Overall the hotel scored a 7/10 for me, because of the cost, the fact that breakfast was expensive and the room itself.


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