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How to find a good, cheap hotel in Amsterdam


Like any city, Amsterdam is full to the brim with hotels all catering for different people with very different budgets. Sorting through the many different options in your price range can be really hard, and frankly, sometimes it can all get a bit too much. After writing about how to choose the best place to stay in Amsterdam, I wanted to take a look at cheap (but good) hotels and how you can find them.

Firstly, decide on a budget. Whether it’s EUR50 or EUR100 per night, you need to know upfront just how much you’re prepared to spend. This is important, because for the city centre you are looking at a minimum of between EUR50 and EUR100 (If it’s below that you might need to look for a hostel or boutique hostel.) Think about whether you really need to be in the city centre, or whether you don’t mind staying somewhere a bit further out, which will cost you less, but take a bit more time for you to get into Amsterdam’s city centre.

If you can afford to be a bit flexible, use lastminute. If you don’t mind too much whereabouts in the city you stay, I can recommend looking at Lastminute secret hotels. They have hotels at cheaper prices to try and fill empty rooms. Usually you can figure out which hotel it is with a quick google (they usually have some kind of hint about which hotel it is). My mum and sister came in 2011 and spent half of what they would have been charged for a really nice hotel. It is a bit of potluck though, and these prices sometimes aren’t available during the weekend.

I also use tripadvisor to find the best places to stay. You can search under ‘budget’ and sort by rating to find the best cheap hotels in Amsterdam. You can select which neighbourhoods you want to stay in, so if you’re deadset on the centre, or by the vondelpark, then it will filter out hotels in other neighbourhoods. This is a great way of finding what you need for a price that suits you.

As a side note – don’t pay extra for your breakfast. Seriously, some hotels charge a huge amount for breakfast, when you can just go to a bakery and get some delicious croissants for much cheaper. If it’s included in the price then by all means dig in, but paying extra for something you can get much cheaper in a bakery or supermarket is silly.

Do you have any other methods for finding cheap hotels? Would you rather stay further out to save a bit of money? I’d love to hear from you.





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