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Introducing #blubloggers with Radisson Blu


Radisson Blu is a brand that is to me, synonymous with luxury. Over the past few years Carlson Rezidor has been on a mission to give many of their hotel chains a makeover, including their Radisson Blu brand. Because of this I was very interested when I got approached to become a Radisson Blu ambassador for 2014, which includes a stay in their Amsterdam, and Paris hotels.

The first meeting was in Paris, but more on that later. First, you probably have some questions. I have attempted to pre-empt these but if I have missed any please let me know.

So, what exactly does a Radisson Blu Ambassador do? Throughout 2014 there are going to be four different events which I will be writing a blog post about, including what I get up to. I will also be trying to take on their ‘Yes I can’ philosphy, just because I liked it and thought it was a good motto. It did randomly remind me of Danny Wallaces book called ‘Yes Man’, though I won’t be taking it quite as far as he did.

What are the events? The first was a meeting in Paris  with 11 other bloggers from around Europe. At the second event, I will be going to the Radisson Blu in Amsterdam for one night, and going behind the scenes. For the third event, I will be hosting a blogger in Amsterdam, which I am probably the most excited about. For the final event, I will be heading to Paris for a soujourn, which I am so excited about.

Why did you decide to do it? I wanted to do this for many reasons. The first is that one of my goals for this year was to write more about hotels in Amsterdam. This gives me the perfect opportunity – with a hotel stay in Amsterdam, and again while hosting a blogger from Cannes. It will give me the chance to go behind the scenes at the Radisson Blu too. I also didn’t want to confine myself to only cheap hotels – I want to have a good mix of stuff on here.

Does this mean that you will say nice stuff about Radisson Blu, even if it isn’t that great? No, I’ll call it how I see it. If I think that they can do better, you’ll be the first to know about it.

How can I follow what’s going on? You can follow what’s going on on facebook and twitter by searching for #blublogger. This will bring up all of the tweets, photographs, blog posts and facebook posts that are happening around this event.

So what did you get up to on your first meeting? Here are some pictures

This was some of the delicious food we ate.

We went inside three of their hotels: Le Metropolitan, Radisson Blu Champs Elysées, but my favourite was Le Dohkan’s. It is a former Louis Vuitton shop and I completely loved the style.

We also had a photo shoot, which was a lot of fun:

The next event will be a hotel stay on Friday night where I will go behind the scenes at the Radisson Blu Amsterdam, so if there’s anything you want me to find out, please tweet me or send me a message,via e-mail or facebook. You can also follow my instagram for lots of pictures of what I get up to while I’m there.


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