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A night in the Radisson Blu Amsterdam #blubloggers


As one of the blublogger events this year, I was invited to stay overnight at the  Amsterdam Radisson Blu, which I had been getting very excited about, and I wasn’t disappointed (my favourite part of the room was the under floor heating in the bathroom, but more on that another time.)

I arrived at the hotel a little late and sweaty (I had been helping to pack stuff up for our big office move) and was greeted by the manager Pascal Gadet. I had time to rush up to my room, take a look around and have a quick shower before heading down to the lobby to meet Ali (the other Amsterdam-based blublogger), and catch the rest of the tour.



After the tour we were taken to the hotel’s bar which used to be a Vicar’s house (the hotel is built in what used to be a church), The vicar’s house  still has the chimney, fireplace and original beams in it. We were treated to a plate of amuse bouche (one with beef, the other with fish), and my photos don’t really do it any justice.


The hotel’s restaurant (De Palmboom – or the Palm tree) is housed in what used to be a bible shop. We were pretty early for dinner (even by Dutch standards), and so the restaurant was quiet. We were treated to a delicious three course meal, which did have some chicken in it, which I don’t eat. To their credit, as soon as I mentioned it they immediately offered to change it, but I insisted that it was fine – I would eat around the chicken!



Maas-Rijn Ijssel Carpaccio with chicken liver


Oxtail soup, which was my favourite part of the whole meal.


The main course



The next morning, we were to take part in some kind of cooking activity (which, as you can imagine I was very excited about). When we got to the Palmboom, there were lots of oysters. For someone who loves food, I’m not the biggest fan of oysters, but I really enjoyed learning how to shuck them even though it’s quite difficult. In total I managed to eat three oysters (which is pretty good by my standards) and I really liked them.


After the oysters had been shucked


Oyster with hollandaise – (my favourite)

Next, we learnt how to fillet a cooked sole using a spoon and a fork.


After a very filling lunch, it was back to the bar to try out their cocktails (it turned into a mini workshop in the end), and I have to say that I was a little pie-eyed afterwards.


The bartender showing us the strawberries.


What do you think? Have you ever stayed at the Radisson Blu Amsterdam? Follow more from the Radisson Blu bloggers across Europe with the hastag #blubloggers, and to read more about what this means, please read my original post, where I introduce it all.

I would like to thank Radisson Blu for hosting me for the night (including all food and drinks) free of charge, but as always, my opinions are my own.




    Wow, this looks amazing Ashley! The hotel sounds so beautiful, which is not surprising given that it used to be a church. I think a cocktail workshop would leave me a little “pie-eyed” too, love that expression! Lou x

    • Thanks Lou. The hotel is pretty and I loved the history. As for the worD pie-eyed, I love it too – it’s not used often enough.

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