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How to Choose the Best Place to Stay in Amsterdam


Choosing somewhere to stay in Amsterdam can be one of the most difficult things to do, especially if you’re on a budget. I always get asked about the best places to stay, so I thought I would do a round-up of all of the different options that are available, and my recommendations for each to make choosing your accomodation that little bit easier.

Hostels: Before you baulk at the suggestion that you stay in a hostel, consider this – some hostels are cheaper to get a double room for a night than a lot of hotels, and most have the added bonus of a kitchen, so you can save yourself some money by making lunch, or having dinner at the hostel. They aren’t all filled with 18-year old backpackers either.

I recommend that you check out Cocomama, one of the best rated hostels in Amsterdam. Staff there are super friendly, and will give you the rundown on where to go and what to see.

Houseboats: This option is great for families and groups. Almost all privately-rented houseboats will have a kitchen, which is great for saving money on food. Houseboats sound like quite small affairs, but once you get inside one of them, you’ll see just how much room you have. I recommend Blue Wave houseboat. There’s a lovely bathroom, plenty of room, and a gorgeous outside terrace that’s floating on the water.

Canal houses:
Staying in a canal house is one of the more expensive options, but it’s totally worth it just for the view – the location also helps a bit too. This way you get a real feel for the history of Amsterdam, walking around these beautiful old houses. Since the majority of the canal house options are hotels, it won’t be cheap. For couples, I recommend Canal House hotel on the Keizersgracht.(There is a bathtub in the bedroom, so not ideal if you’re with a friend you’re not totally comfortable with), or the Pulitzer.

Apartments: Staying in an apartment is ideal, as you can get apartments to fit most group sizes. Airbnb is incredibly popular, and there are a variety of different places available to rent. You will usually have access to a kitchen, which is a bonus – and if you can get an apartnment in a nice area of Amsterdam, it’s even better. My favourite areas include the Jordaan, and the Pijp as they are centrally located and close to all of the major sites.

Do you have any recommendations on where to stay in Amsterdam. I’d love to hear about them!


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